Our pergolas are designed to withstand the elements while providing protection to enjoy your outdoor space.
Pergolas can be placed anywhere you’d like in your yard or around your property, such as over a hot tub, grill, pool deck, or garden, and offers a gorgeous aesthetic. All of our pergolas are engineered to withstand hurricane winds and heavy snow loads.

  • Extruded aluminum components that offer enhanced strength.
  • Electrostatic finishes that resist fading and peeling and will require no maintenance.
  • Sturdy columns in Mediterranean-inspired styles.
  • Curved lattice roofs that offer better sun coverage than other partial-shade products.

To plan a pergola installation service in Kalispell or Missoula, MT call (406) 291-4826.

Operable Pergolas

Big Sky Outdoors Living in Kalispell, MT has a beautiful selection of operable pergolas function as both a pergola and a patio cover thanks to adjustable louvers that make up the roof, these louvers operate the same as window blinds and offer you the best of both worlds. The louvers can be opened to allow in full sunlight or closed fully to provide shade or protection from rain and snow, all with the push of a button or an app.

Structurally designed aluminum and offering a range of column styles and colors to choose from.
The roof louvers are also made from extruded aluminum to withstand snow loads and high winds while also closing tight to eliminate drips.
The motor is a slow motion actuator capable of pushing/pulling 500lbs for year-round operation.